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Merging eXtra Reality, AI, & GIS into Public Health Data & Emergency Management.

Real-Time weather data into VR Public Health Visualizations.

The Beauty of Public Health Big Data visualized with a Geospatial focus.

The organic flow of 0s & 1s.
Data Visualizations.

Data, data, everywhere, but not a byte to find?
Let us help!

Custom Public Health dashboards based on
your data, your metrics, and your needs.

“After knowing JD for nearly twenty years, and working directly with him at two Architecture firms, I can say he has a great work ethic. He is the sort of personality that everyone likes. He enjoys being creative and it shows. He works more hours than expected. He thrives on impressing people.”


Public Health & GIS Data Science.
Data scraping & collection.
GIS Analysis & Cartography.
App Development.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • 3D

AI Integration.
Google Analytics & SEO.
Graphic & 3D Design.


5 years Public health
8 years Emergency Management
26 years Web Development
25 years 3D Development
33 years Graphic Design
Timeless people skills

How we work

We have a proven ability to work with a full range of personalities in any environment in support of an organization in multiple ways. We excel at bringing calmness to those around us, especially in tense public health events. We are dedicated to continual self-improvement through our evident passion for lifelong learning and seeking an improved approach to everything we touch.